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How to Colour Red Bricks

Colouring red bricks is surprisingly straight forward and just needs a few things. You will need a light brick colour, a darker one, a brown/grey and a ruler. I used polychromos 186 Cinnamon, 186 Sanguine and 175 Dark Sepia with a 6 inch/15cm ruler.

Start by colouring the area that you would like the bricks on, in the light colour. This will be the colour of your mortar. It does not need to be very neat or even – mortar isn’t so it will look more realistic if it is rough!

For the next step you will need your darker colour and a ruler. Think about what size you need to make the bricks so they fit in the proportions of the building. Then start to mark them out, using the ruler to keep the horizontal line straight. You can use one for the vertical lines, but as they are short I do it freehand and I think a bit of ‘wobble’ makes them look more realistic.

Then continue with the next row. Remember that bricks never line up so the gaps between them should not be in a column. Mark out where you think the top of the bricks should be. Now you need to measure the height of the bricks, so this row is the same height as the last. Use your ruler and make a mark at each end of the building. You can then use this to keep your ruler straight when you draw in the next row.

It is then easy to complete the next row.

Then continue with this method for the rest of the section.

The final touch is to add a little shadow under each brick. This is because bricks tend to stick out more than the mortar so it gives a more realistic look. I use the dark sepia to add a light line below each brick.

You can also use it to add shadows in other areas such as below the windows and roof etc.

Then you are done! If you want to watch a video demonstration of this method, you can below:

If you are interested in finding out more about the materials I used or buying them, then there are links below:

Worlds of Wonder by Johanna Basford

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