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How to Colour a Chestnut

I am going to use Castle Arts pencils to colour this chestnut from Miniature Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford.

I will start with a pale green layer using the Leaf Green Middle pencil.

I want to emphasise the spherical shape of this, to make it look more three dimensional. This means that I will go around the edge with a darker green and fade towards the middle. I will also use a little top and bottom of the stem, fading it towards the centre.  I will use Cadmium Green.

Next I want to deal with the spikes. I want to make them darker at the base with lighter tips, to make them look more three dimensional. I will use the darker Oxide of Chrome pencil for this.

You can add some brown if you wish, as these do get browner towards later autumn but I am going to leave mine just with the greens.

Pencils used:
Leaf Green Middle
Cadmium Green
Oxide of Chrome

Materials used:

Miniature Enchanted Forest –

Castle Arts Soft Touch Pencils –

I have a video that features a chestnut in it if you would like to view it: