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How to Colour a Lion

I decided to colour the lion door knocker from The Ink House by Rory Dobner today but could not film it as the family is around. Therefore I took a series of photos to show you my steps in colouring it. I used Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

I put Burnt Umber over the areas that I wished to be darker. I used the artist’s shading as a guide and just went over the areas he had shaded hard.

I used Raw Umber to extend those shaded areas. I also went around some of the circular parts of the edge.

I used Green Gold to extend the shading even more and used it on the mane and fur as well, still going over the areas the artist had marked as darker.

I used Light Yellow Ochre to extend the shading, especially the fur and went around the edges of all of the circles too.

The Naples Yellow was used to brighten lots of the fur and to go around the edges of the circles.

The Light Chrome Yellow was the last yellow shade used. It was put over everything that was already coloured to add vibrancy and to areas that were still white. Some areas were still left white to give the impression of shine.

The Dark Sepia was used to add more depth to the darker areas of the picture. So around the eyes and mouth as well as in the ornate edge. I followed the artist’s lead going over the areas he had darkened.

Lastly, I used a Burnt Ochre for the iris of the eye. I used it just around the outside of the iris and in a circle around the pupil. I wanted the centre to be pale and as it was such a small space leaving it white was the best way to achieve this.

This is the finished lion. His teeth and whites of his eyes were left white.

If you are interested in buying any of the resources that I used for this there are links below so you can check them out:

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