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How to Colour a Mushroom

Johanna Basford has lots of mushrooms in her books, so I thought it might be useful to show you a way of colouring them. I have chosen the small one in Worlds of Wonder to demonstrate but this technique can be used for any. I am going to concentrate on the larger mushroom and have decided to colour it mainly orange/red.

I start with a light orange (I have chosen polychromos 113 orange glaze) and colour the whole thing.

Then I take a darker orange (I have used polychromos 115 dark cadmium orange) and go over each edge but not the centre. I press harder and colour more layers on the very edge and fade towards the middle.

Then I take a red (I have used polychromos 117 light cadmium red) and go over the very edges and fade towards the middle. I do not cover all of the dark cadmium orange and I apply more layers nearer to the very edge.

I then go back over all of the colours again to darken and blend them. This time I start with the red just covering the same area I did before, then the dark orange, overlapping the red and then the orange glaze, which I put all over.

For the spots, I want them to stand out and look three dimensional. So I put a small layer of dark brown under each also covering the black line that is there (I use polychromos dark sepia 175).

I want my spots to be white so I use a white gel pen to colour them as I want to cover any orange or brown marks and also erase the black line at the top. (I use a sakura gelly roll nib size 10)

For the underside and stem of the mushroom I use a warm grey colour and firstly add a light layer all over (I use polychromos 273 warm grey 1V)

Then I emphasise the shadow under the mushroom by putting some darker colour on the gill area with quite a hard pressure and add shape to the stalk using the same pencil. I also use it to add some shadow at the top of the stalk. (I use dark sepia again for this). On the stalk I have used much gentler pressure as there is less shadow here but I have covered the black printed line on the edges and top in quite a heavy layer.

Then I colour the details. I have chosen a warm orange/yellow for the windows (polychromos 108 dark cadmium yellow) and have matched the door and the curtains in a red (polychromos 219 deep scarlet red)

I also do the chimney using the orange glaze shading the edges with the dark cadmium orange.

Lastly, I want to make the windows look like they have glass over them so I add some diagonal stripes with my gel pen.

The finished picture can be seen at the top of the page!

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World of Wonders by Johanna Basford.