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How to Colour a Potted Plant

Colouring plants can be fun and there are lots to do in Johanna Basford books such as this one from Magical Jungle.

I am going to show you how to colour it with Black Widows pencils but you can use any brand and get the same results. Just pick colours of your choice or similar ones to mine. I am going to do the pot first and use orange shades.

I start with a light layer of my lightest colour which is the Egg Yolk.

Then I take my mid colour which is Toadstool and apply it in areas I want to be darker. These are the edges as I want to create shape and shine by leaving the centre lighter. I put more layers nearer to the edge of the pot and less towards the middle.

Then I add my darkest colour which is Pumpkin, to the very edge, with a lighter layer towards the centre of the pot.

You can see this has left quite a big contrast between colours so I go back to the Toadstool colour to mix it in a bit, putting a layer over the lighter part of the Pumpkin colour and taking it lightly towards the centre.

I then return to the Egg Yolk and put a heavy layer all over.

I then want a bit of shadow which I create with the Foxy Brown colour, adding it under the rim of the pot in a line and then on the very edges of the pot as well.

For the leaves, I use two greens, Fang Green and Cicada.

I start with the Fang Green applying several layers to the stem and then the bottom of the leaf fading towards the tip. Fade by using a lighter pressure and applying fewer layers.

Then I use the Cicada over the areas where I started to fade.

If you are not happy with the colour (I think it is a bit too light near the bottom) add more of the Fang Green to balance it.

Then repeat for the rest of the leaves.

If you want more information about the products I used you can find them by clicking the links below:

Magical Jungle by Johanna Basford

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I have recorded a tutorial video for a plant in a pot using Staedtler Ergosoft pencils which you can view below: