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The Secrets of Colouring 2 by Jennifer Zimmermann Review

I thought this book would be more advanced than other colouring guides I have, but the steps are actually really simple to follow. The guides all use prismacolor pencils but I just used the equivalent from polychromos. There is information on materials, money saving hacks, some information about pencil brands and elements of art. Then there are some background ideas, candy colouring tutorials, shoes, a gift with shiny ribbon, fabric, baubles, eyes, skin, greyscale, bird of paradise flower, butterfly, fish, dragonfly and lotus flower. There are also practice pages in the back some on brown and blue as well as white paper and a code so you can get the downloads for teh practice page sin cas you want to use your own paper.

I really liked the tutorials for the sweets and I used them for this page from Johanna’s Christmas using tutorials for the gingerbread men, the pink and purple lollipops, the blue and white lollipops. the striped candy, the foiled candy, the candy canes and the jellybeans:

If you would like to see my video review of the book you can watch it below.

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