About Rachel Henderson

Hi Everyone,

I am a huge fan of adult colouring and particularly Johanna Basford books. I remember when I came across my first Johanna Basford book. It must have been in 2013 and I was in Gloucester Services looking in the gift shop and saw Secret Garden. I flicked through it and was fascinated by the beautiful artwork but felt that adult colouring was maybe not a concept for me.

I went home and it was still on my mind so I looked up Johanna Basford and found her website. I printed off her free downloads and tried colouring some in and really enjoyed myself. I ordered her book and have pre-ordered every one of her books since. I have completed a copy of nearly all of her books and some twice!

For me, colouring is a way to relax away from the screen and I have also learned so much from books, videos and just from practice and colouring every single day. I decided to start to help to encourage others as well, as I feel many people will benefit from taking up this hobby. Therefore, I started making tutorials, reviews and flip through videos. I then decided to start up this website, so people could find me more easily and to share information in writing, particularly for those that do not enjoy watching videos. I hope you enjoy the website. 

Happy Colouring

Rachel x