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Archive Newsletter – 12th July 2021

Hi Everyone,


I thought it might be fun to let you get to know me a bit better in this email! Here are a few personal facts about me you may not know!

  1. I am an identical twin and have unidentical twin boys
  2. I am a morning person
  3. I am a tennis fan and love watching Wimbledon
  4. I met my husband online dating before it was really a thing in 1998 (we have been married for over 20 years!)
  5. I have a masters degree in psychology

I hope that was good fun! I also want to share some exciting news! I have a new lamp on the way, which I am promised with revolutionise my colouring and improve my video quality. I have a lot of videos made in advance (enough for one a day until the beginning of September!), but will certainly be keen to try out the lamp as soon as it arrives so it could mean some extra bonus videos may be on their way next week! No promises though!


If you want to check that you have not missed any of my videos, I do produce a list of them every Saturday on my blog so you can have a quick check that you have viewed them all. However, if you subscribe and hit the bell on YouTube you will be able to get a notification each time I release one if you want to. There are also other articles on my blog and I try to add one a week. Lately, there has been one on backgrounds, shading and how to colour a flower middle.


You may have guessed that I have been doing a lot of colouring in Magical Jungle lately. Feels a bit tropical now summer has arrived or perhaps more rainforest-like with the bouts of heavy rain!! When I finish it I will do a flip through, like I have done with all my other completed books. You can check them out here if you have not already.


In the next few weeks, videos will include the above, (one video for each flower) as well as more veggies and fruits from Worlds of Wonder. There will also be the very last cake from the cake page as well as some pictures from Ivy and the Inky Butterfly. If you have any suggestions for videos you would like then do let me know by leaving comments on my videos, I do read and reply to each one. I cannot promise I can do them but I will do my best to help!

Stay safe and happy colouring,

Rachel x