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Archive Newsletter – 26th April 2022

Hi Everyone,

I am now back from my fortnight’s holiday over Easter. It was lovely to have so much free time to colour but I missed making videos for you all. I got straight back to it yesterday making seven videos including a series of two videos for the Lulu Mayo picture below.


While I had so much free time, I managed to complete two colouring books – Sea of Flowers and the Arteza Mandala book and have filmed flip throughs of those, one came out earlier today and the other is scheduled for later in the week. I am now trying to decide which book to complete next!


I also got a new notebook to keep a better track of my colouring and not only note which pictures I colour in the month so it is easier to put together a video showing what pages I have completed, but I noted how many books I currently have on the go – a total of 32. I would like to finish a few more before Johanna Basford’s new book – Rooms of Wonder comes out in October. It is now available for preorder and I have ordered mine from Waterstones as they seem to deliver more quickly than Amazon. I figure it is worth the extra cost as I can get a flip through ready for you more quickly! If you have not yet pre-ordered and want to, the links are here – Amazon UK and Amazon US.


The above picture is from Elegant Elephants and it may be a book I finish as I am having lots of fun colouring in it! I was lucky enough to be given it but if you are interested in buying it, it is on Amazon – click for the UK link and

US link or watch my flip through here.


Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone for their support. I am getting so many views, likes, comments, follows and subscriptions across my social media channels, it is so kind of you all and means more than you can imagine. Just in case you have missed some of them all my relevant links are below:

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Happy Colouring,

Rachel x