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Bambino Crayon Review

Bambino crayons might not be something that any colourist would naturally reach for. It is more common to use pens and pencils and perhaps even paints than it is crayons. This is probably because typical wax crayons do not really blend or give a nice texture. However, these are clay crayons and are very different.

The crayons blend well, rather like good quality pencils which means that they can produce lovely pictures. There are different sized packs and the ones that I have includes gold and silver and has 24 colours in total which is enough to have several shades of each and to allow for blending.

They sharpen in a normal pencil sharpener and you can just leave the paper in place and sharpen them like you would a pencil. They are fairly short but you can buy pencil extenders which fit them. They are also thin to hold, but for me, that was not a problem at all.

There is a big range of bright and vibrant colours as you can see in the picture above. They are quite different to use in that the finish is matt rather than glossy which is different to what I expected from a crayon, but I liked that they did not reflect the light when I was photographing my pictures. They can be blended either with the white crayon or with a pencil blender or blending solution.

I have a few videos where I have used the crayons that you might like to look at. There is a video review and two tutorials for the owl and house in a bottle above which you can view on this page or see by clicking the links in this paragraph.

If you are interested in buying some Bambino Crayons then they are available from this website shop.