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Holbein Artists’ Colored Pencils Review

I only have the tweleve pastel tone set of these pencils at the moment, so it is those that I will base my review on. Only having twelve means that I often combine them with other pencils and find that they work really well with my polychromos. I used them for the buildings in the picture below but created some shadow with polychromos:

The pencils have a pretty thick core which means that they do not break much when sharpened to a fine point, although I had one particular pencil that crumbled a bit, but now I have used it for a while, it no longer does so. The colour selection is lovely, there is no white, which is good as most sets come with a white and so many people have lots of them! It has a cream, maples yellow, salmon pink, pink, rose pink, mauve, wisteria, lavender blue, sky blue, ice green, cobalt green and lettuce green. I found that the lettuce green and lavender blue were very similar to shades I have in polychromos pencils, but the rest were different. I find they blend together very well and therefore work well for backgrounds such as the one in the picture below:

I will soon be getting a few colours to see how those react as I have been very tempted to buy more but the tin of 150 will not fit on my desk!

If you would like to see my video review of these pencils it is below:

If you are interested in buying the pencils then you can do so here.