I Have Completed the Arteza Mandala Book

I have finished the Arteza Mandala book that I received along with my Arteza Expert pencils. They came together in a set, which was fun! I did a flip through of the book before I started it which you can view below:

I used the book for practising mandalas because it was not something I had coloured before. I now have a few more mandala style books. I therefore only did a few tutorials for the book as I mainly used it for practice:

One had a Christmas colour theme and one a Halloween theme! I found that as the pictures were intricate many were easier to colour in fine liners or in gel pens.

When I completed the book I filmed a flip through which you can see below:

The book is now no longer available for sale, but Arteza do offer other Mandala books that you might be interested in:

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