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Meine Reise Durch Europa by Rita Berman – Book Review

I have recently bought the above book. I saw that there was a very pretty free download based on the book, which came out before it. I coloured it and made video tutorials from it! I enjoyed it so much that I looked at a flip through of the book and thought that it looked so lovely that I wanted to buy it. I have now completed some of the pictures from it.

What really attracted me to the book was the style of drawing and cute, whimsical pictures that mainly feature florals and buildings. The book itself is also small (8 inches x 8 inches approx), and this means that the pages are less daunting as they take less time to complete. The paper is white and soft but has enough tooth to layer up colours and I have tried different brands of pencil in it and they all lay down well.

The pictures depict a journey around Europe and feature different cities including London, which was attractive to me as I am from the UK! It also features Amsterdam which I have visited and other places that I have not.

I have really enjoyed the pictures that I have coloured so far. The pages differ from double and single page scenes to pages with a selection of small pictures on which I like.

I have put together some tutorials from the book and they are in a playlist you can find here. I plan on doing more too, as I like the book so much! You can buy the book from Amazon here. I have also done a video review that you can see here:

Below are a few of my most popular tutorials from the book: