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Miniature Secret Garden Book Review

Miniature Secret Garden by Johanna Basford is a small-sized colouring book. It has all of the pictures from the original Secret Garden and a few extras as well. Some of the pictures have been cropped a bit to make them easier to colour, but most are the same as the originals. However, dotted through the book there are some images that are small parts of the main images, such as the leafy picture above. This means that you can colour something small which will not take long and you will have the pleasure of completing a picture quickly. The small size of the book means that it is portable and so you can easily carry it around but you will need a pencil sharpener with you to stay inside those little spaces! There are also a couple of bonus pictures that are not in the original book:

I have reviewed the book in a video flip through which you can see below:

If you would like to buy a copy of this book, you can find it in many bookshops both on the high street, as well as online on sites such as Amazon. You can find out more details about the book here.

I have also completed a selection of video tutorials from this book which you can find here.