My Favourite Pages that I have Coloured

We all have pages that we have coloured that we really like for various reasons and I thought that I would share mine with you and let you know the stories behind them. I hope you might find them interesting and inspiring.

I won a competition with this image. It was run by Staedtler and I won a copy of Magical Jungle, a tin of Ergosoft pencils and some triplus pens.

This picture was inspired by Cherry Colours version on Instagram. It looks nothing like hers but I was still really pleased with how it came out.

I drew in the wood to make this look like a porthole, I am not massively creative with my ideas and so I was really please I was able to pull this off!

I drew in the brick wall, added in the topiary on the right and put in the sky and so was really pleased it turned out well! I traced the leaves and some still turned out a bit wobbly so do not look too closely!!

This was for a competition to complete a picture in the style of another artist. I took inspiration from the lower picture by Astrid Leonid and drew in the street lamps (onto tracing paper first!) and tried to use the right colours. and was please with the result.

I copied a version of this which had been coloured by Ness Butler. Although mine is not as good as hers, I am still really pleased with it.

This was my first attempt at doing a galaxy sky. I just played around with colours and hoped it would work and it did! I later put together a tutorial because it worked so well!

This picture was inspired by a Johanna Basford live session where she coloured this bike. I changed it up to just be blue, as she added in other colours. She ended up sharing it on her Instagram stories – yay!

This picture is special because Johanna Basford liked it when I put it up on Instagram!

I spent ages on the sky in this picture and was not sure if it would work, so was thrilled when it turned out as I wanted it to!

This was the first picture where I added in things of my own. I did trace the flower heads, trees and butterflies but I was still really happy with how it turned out.

I traced this kettle from Mini Secret Garden and then used a photo to copy the metallic look and was thrilled with it, even though it was a bit wobbly in places!

I love elephants and so was a bit nervous about doing this picture. I knew he had to be special so decided he needed gold and jewels on his outfit and matched the balloons to that.

Okapis are special to my family as a descendent of my husband was the first Westerner to discover them. Their Latin name even has his name in. He painted them and many other animals on his travels and we have a lot of his original paintings. This was, therefore, a very special picture to colour and I was really happy with how it came out.

This is one of my favourite of Johanna’s drawings and I was really pleased how this version came out which is why I use it for my profile picture!