New Year Colouring Goals!

Yesterday, Johanna Basford did a Facebook Live where she mentioned quite a few things including new year colouring goals. She specifically mentioned Worlds of Wonder and 30 Days of Creativity, encouraging colourists to colour daily and make new year long habits. She also mentioned that colourists might like to finish those two books before her new one comes out.

I thought that if you were aiming to try to do this, it might be useful for you to have some help. Therefore, I thought that I would remind you of a few videos and playlists that might help you.

For Worlds of Wonder, I did a number of colouring tutorials and they can be found together in a playlist here. I also did a completed book flip through as I finished my copy and this could help inspire you, so I have posted it below.

For 30 Days of Creativity Johanna did a daily video for each page of the book which was very useful. I also did a video for many of the pages which you may also like to look at and they are in a playlist here. I have also completed this book and there is a flip through below.

I hope this helps you to get motivated and at least do just ten minutes a day, as we all feel the benefits of colouring. Do make sure though, that you do not get too carried watching videos, but make sure you actually colour as well. Maybe colour along, even if it is a different picture, just so that you get some done. You will really notice the difference!