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Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils Review

I would say that these are probably my favourite brand of pencil. They were the third set that I used and I have kept using them ever since. They sharpen to a good point which I like and they have a good variety of colours in the 120 tin. They do not smoosh and blend on the paper like some brands, but if you layer them up, they will blend together really nicely, it takes a bit of time, but is worth it. I find they are easy to sharpen and rarely break unless my sharpener blade is blunt or I am colouring on a slanting part of the page (such as near the spine of a book). I feel that they offer great value for money.

I have a lot of tutorial videos where I feature these pencils including this one where I used just twelve of them as I was challenged by someone to use a limited amount:

You can find a lot more in my polychromos playlist.

You can buy them in various sizes of tin or open stock (single pencils). I would recommend buying a few singles to try. Although that works out dearer than a tin per pencil, you will not spend so much so there is less risk if you do not like them. I also recommend that people buy colours they use a lot so even if they are not keen, they are likely to still use them.