Scavenger Hunt Video

I recorded a very different video recently and I thought I would let you know about it! It was not a tutorial but a scavenger hunt. The whole idea came about from Dani Buttons. She has done a few before and the theme of this one was summer. She produced a list of ten items to find in colouring books and to film. Then she nominated three people to do the same. The idea is that YouTubers nominate each other to play along. I was nominated by June.

The items that I had to find were:

1. A picture of the sun!

2. A picture of an umbrella!

3. A picture of a lighthouse!

4. A picture of lemonade/citrus SLICES!

5. A picture of ice cream!

6. A picture of a surfboard

7. A picture of a whale!

8. A picture of seashell(s)

9. A picture of a cactus!

10. A picture of a sports mascot (example Chicago Bears = picture of bear!) Bonus: Show us your dream pet !

It was a lot of fun finding the items (I did cheat A LOT!!!). My video is below.