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The Botanical Mandalas by Dominika Stoppa Book Review

I was sent this book for free by the author/illustrator to review. It is printed by Amazon.

The book has 22 different mandalas to colour on the right-hand pages and 22 journaling prompts to complete on the left-hand pages. As a right-handed colourist, this was great as I always prefer colouring the right-hand page!

The mandalas all have a botanical theme with leaves and flowers featuring in most of them with butterflies, birds and keys as well. The lines are very dark which means that they are easy to see and the spaces are not too small or big for me.

The paper is similar to copy paper and is white. This means that it works well for coloured pencils and the Bambino Crayons I used when colouring the picture above. It may not stand up to very wet paint and I suspect some types of markers may bleed through the page. However, as the actual mandalas have the journal pages on the back this may not matter.

The book looks to be a good price so seems like good value for money and it has a beautiful cover so will look lovely displayed in any home.

I have done a video review as well which you can see below:

I have created some tutorial videos for some of the pages:

I have now completed the book and put together a flip through video:

If you are interested in buying the book, you can order it from Amazon here.