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Archive Newsletter – 18th October 2021

Hi Everyone,

I am starting off with details of a discount code! I purchased a gift from the Castle Arts website and was given a code to share with 10% off for anyone that uses it, which you can get by following this link – They also seem to have a sale on at the moment as well so you could save even more money! As far as I can tell though, they only deliver in the UK from this website but delivery is free if you are prepared to wait just 48 hours for it. They do have a US website but I am not sure if the voucher code (which is LWGBKMC5W4J2) will work there, sorry. (Disclaimer – this is an affiliate link and by you using my code, I will get a voucher to spend in their shop too).


I hope everyone is having fun doing autumn, Halloween and other colouring at the moment. I have been making lots of fun videos with these themes, as well as more general ones for those that prefer them. I am about to get lots of work in (having had a few months off) which could mean videos will reduce in frequency. However, with Johanna’s new book due out, I am sure that I will still find lots of things to share with you and will do my best to always have a video each morning if I can. I know that I will miss it as much as you will if I have to cut down.


You might be interested in the videos I have coming up. As well as the lamppost and mandala pictured above, look out for a whole page of Halloween-style pictures from Ivy and the Inky Butterfly, some Millie Marotta, Kerby Rosanes, Dominike Stoppa and more Rita Berman. I have had lots of fun using different books as well as playing with my different sets of pencils. I have even coloured a postcard in pens (see below)! Do not forget to also check out my Halloween playlist if you want some seasonal ideas!


Lastly, I thought you might like to see a video from my archives! I coloured a small leaf set from Miniature Enchanted Forest back in March which could be a useful one for you to look at now as it has autumn colours. You can find it here.


Thank you all for reading and I hope that you are all having lots of fun with your art and will continue to do so. Don’t forget to check out my blog if you want to find more reviews, tutorials and articles, they are updated regularly!

Happy colouring,