How to Tackle A Complex Colouring Page

Sometimes there are pages in colouring books that can look really daunting. It can put us off even starting to colour them but we probably do not want to leave pages uncoloured in our books. I have various techniques for dealing with pages like this, I thought it would be useful to share them.

  • Deal with one item at a time. Pick an object to colour and ignore the rest of the page. Work through the page one part at a time and take joy in completing each tiny element.
  • You do not have to do one after the other, just dip in and out of the page while doing others. Perhaps do one item a day on the complex page and do other pages as well, so you can have the joy of finishing pages while completing the more daunting one as well.
  • Pick a limited colour palette as it can take less time to choose colours. Picking which colour to do can take a long time and so by limiting to one colour, such as blue or a couple of colours, perhaps pink and purple, then you will be able to make it easier. I used four shades in the picture below.
  • Use a small selection of pencils to make it easier. If you do not want to limit your colour palette then use a 12 or 24 set of pencils and you will not have so many to choose from. This can make a picture much easier and quicker.
  • Check out what other people have done with the page and draw inspiration from that. You can look in many places such as Pintrest, Instagram and Reddit.

Below are some videos that I have made, where I have tackled pages (or parts of pages) using some of the tips I explained above: