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Archive Newsletter 8th November 2021

Hi Everyone,


I am sure none of you have missed the fact that Johanna Basford has a new book out. She is running a fun course to go alongside it, which I have been following and I am sure many of you have too. I ran a poll on my YouTube page to find out if people wanted me to also do 30 days from the new book and although the result was close, a majority of people said yes. This means that in November I plan to release a video a day from the book. The idea is to try to make the drawing pages as simple as possible as it is something that I am not confident in, but do not want to miss out on and I know some of you will feel the same. Therefore there will be drawing tutorials with simple ideas and some cheats, although I know some of you will want to go it alone and let your imagination run wild!


I know that not everyone has the new book though and this means that I am keen to also produce videos from other books too. I have been doing a Johanna Basford in the morning and another book in the afternoon lately, but in November, I plan to do 30 days of creativity for one video and something else for the other, which could be another Johanna book or a different book entirely.


At the moment I have all of Johanna Basford’s books but also ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ & ‘Imagimorphia’ by Kerby Rosanes, ‘Meine Reise Durch Europa’ & ‘Die Welt Unter Der Lupe zu Wasser’ by Rita Berman, ‘Secrets of the Seas’ by Millie Marotta, ‘Nice Little Town Halloween’ by Titania Bogema and ‘The Botanical Mandalas’ & ‘The Positive Affirmations Colouring Book’ by Dominika Stoppa. If there is a specific book you would like me to colour from please let me know, either by replying to this newsletter or on a comment on my Instagram or YouTube videos. If you are interested in different books, also let me know and I will put them on my Amazon wishlist.


You can also let me know if you would like me to use a specific brand of pencils, although I will probably not use Prismacolor Premiere as there are so many YouTubers that already do, I only have a few and have not had much practice at using them! I do have a selection of other brands though!


I have a few discount codes and tips for you if you are buying things too. I heard a great tip with regards to Black Friday. Start tracking prices now, as some retailers put prices up a few weeks before Black Friday and then lower them to their ‘normal’ price claiming they are reduced and a bargain. Also compare retailers, as some will be cheaper than others. I have a few discount codes too, some of these are affiliate links but you could save money if you are considering shopping at these places:

Grabie will be having a Black Friday sale – and you can get an additional 15% off with the code Rachel15

Castle Arts 10% off

Cult Pens 10% off for new customers (thanks to my husband!)

Arteza also has a sale at the moment

Amazon often has reductions and Black Friday is a big deal for them!

Jackson’s Art is having a Black Friday sale soon if you sign up to their mailing list you get details before everyone else! They are also having a Caran D’Ache sale at the moment.


It is a bit early for me to start Christmas colouring, as I have almost finished my copy of Johanna’s Christmas so am holding off, but if you are ready to start, as I know some people are, then you can take a look at the Christmas colouring I did last year by clicking here.


Lastly, for those of you in the mood for something autumnal, you might like to take a look at this video I did a while ago (as pictured above).

Hope you are all keeping safe and well,

Happy Colouring,

Rachel x