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Arteza Premium Pencil Review

This is a review of the tube of 48 Arteza pencils which are triangular. There are actually two tubes available as Arteza has updated them. The colours vary a bit, so I will not go into detail about these as they may be different depending on where you buy them from.

The pencils themselves have a nice core, which is easy to blend. The colours are mainly all very vibrant, which means that just one layer is enough to give a pretty look. The picture at the top only had one layer of each colour used and it was enough to give a really vibrant look. There are many brands that are much harder and drier so they take a lot more layers to become vibrant. The vibrancy does mean that they can smudge a little so I use some fixative on my pictures when I use these so that the colour does not transfer to the facing page of my book. Many people worry about sharpening them, but they shapen well in my Staedtler Noris sharpener. In conclusion, I would say that as a budget pencil they fair very well.

I have reviewed the pencils in a video which you may be interested in watching:

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