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Color Workshop by Rachel Reinhert Review

This book jas a variety of different colouring techniques running through it. It starts with the basics, so explaining about different colouring materials and tools. It then has a section on colour and the colour wheel. There are then different techniques that you can use with different mediums such as pencils, pastels, gel pens, watercolours and markers. Lastly, there is a step by step guide for doing different thing such as blending, burnishing, creating shadows, layering and stippling, covering different mediums within the different techniques. There are plenty of practice pages in the back that you can complete the step by step exercises on.

I have completed a video review for this book, where I flip through each page so you will be able to see what is covered in more detail –

If you are interested in looking at some Amazon reviews or buying the book, you can do so here –