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Bambino Jumbo Crayon Review

Bambino Crayons have now got their jumbo crayons back in stock. Although they call them crayons they are actually pencils and so if you want something larger than their crayons they could be a good option for you.

They come in the same 24 colours as their large crayon set so you get a good range as well as the gold and silver. They also come with a pencil sharpener. This is because they are jumbo and therefore thicker than standard pencils.

Above you can see them compared in thickness to a standard Steadtler Noris pencil. They are slightly shorter than a standard pencil too but not significantly so.

To colour with, they feel the same as the crayons and they blend really well too. In the above picture, the pencils have been used for the fish and you can see the three shades that I used and the great results that I got. The rest of the page was done with the crayons which also blend extremely well as you can see!

This is the completed picture which was used with a mix of Bambino pencils and crayons and there was a little white pen added on top for some details as well. You can see how shiny the silver pencil is at the top right of the outer circle where it catches the light.

Overall, I would say that if you have trouble gripping a thin pencil then they are a great option. They are also more sturdy so if you are heavy-handed there is a risk you may snap the crayons which will not happen with the pencils. They are more expensive but I suspect they will last longer as they are longer.

I have made a video review if you would like to see them in action:

Where to buy them:

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