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Grabie Giorgione Coloured Pencils Review

I was lucky enough to be sent a set of coloured pencils by a company called Grabie to review. I have done a video review which you can find here:

I have used the pencils a bit more since the review, so thought that I would add to it in this article.

The pencils are triangular and slim, rather like the shape and size of Staedtler Ergosoft. However, the leads are a little harder but the colours more vibrant. The tin has 72 pencils in, in two layers and there is a good range of colours including a metallic gold (which is not as good as a gold gel pen but as good as polychromos gold).

The pencils do not break easily and sharpen well to a fine point which will last a good amount of time. They blend easily as well and layer up in a similar way to polychromos. If I had to say which brand they were closest to I would probably say Arteza premium, not just because they are triangular but because of the way they lay down on the page.

The pencils are available on the Grabie website which ships to the UK and USA. I have a 15% discount code that you can use which is Rachel15. You can find the pencils here.