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How to Blend Coloured Pencils

There are many brands of coloured pencils and some will blend more easily than others. Some very cheap brands may not blend well, but perhaps may still layer on top of each other effectively. It can be worth a try to see what you can achieve.

I use the same blending method with every brand of pencils. Some people use different ones but I find this is effective. I will be demonstrating with Faber Castell Polychromos pencils.

I am going to colour this potion bottle with two colours, one starting one side and one the other and blending in the middle.

I will start with the purple and do a light layer. You notice I have gone across the centre area, which is where I want the colours to overlap.

I then do the same with the pink.

These are very light layers that I now need to build up. Still applying light pressure repeat the light layers three more times.

I now decide whether I feel one colour needs more application than another, for example, whether I feel that the pink or purple is darker than I wish. I feel that I would like more pink and therefore colour over the whole thing a few times completely in the pink. This helps to bring the colours together more and lighten it.

I keep colouring with heavy pressure until I am happy. Now I am ready to complete the bottle.

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