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Worlds of Wonder Postcards by Johanna Basford – Review

Postcards can be a lot of fun to colour. They are small and that means that the colouring is completed more quickly. They are also great to send to people or to frame. This book of postcards has 24 in total which are all images from Johanna Basford’s book Worlds of Wonders.

They are not available in English though – this is a German version so all of the writing on the back (and sometimes the front!) of the postcards is in German. I think this makes them even more fun!

The postcards are made from cardboard but they are not really thick. I would post them out in an envelope to provide extra protection. I tend to anyway with postcards, so the colouring will not get spoiled.

There are larger and smaller images so you get a good mix. Some may be too small to colour but they could always be sent out uncoloured or even framed uncoloured too.

They are pretty little items to have and if you love Worlds of Wonder then you will be bound to enjoy them.

I have done a full flip-through video if you want to see all of the pictures

If you want to buy the postcards, they are available from UK Amazon here.